Video Decoding

Award-winning, scaleable video decoding. MediaKind’s Video Decoding products combine to cover the full requirements for any installation, of any size. Our receivers provide an unmatched level of features and flexibility, allowing direct connection to any type of delivery network.

Cygnus RX1

The Cygnus RX1 is a multicodec multiservice professional decoder specifically designed to meet the needs of the contribution market.

Maintain integrity of high quality, Valuable content

Low latency for live, Linear content

Platform Versatility

Video Storage & Processing

Tailored to every possible scenario. With a wide range of hardware and software options, our video processing and storage product range can be configured even for the most demanding requirements. MediaKind has achieved a procession of industry firsts resulting in an Emmy for HD MPEG-4 AVC​.

AVP Encoders Familly

A New Approach to Encoding

The MediaKindAVP ‘one encoding platform’ approach represents a modern approach to encoding product design. A rich common toolset allows media organisations with differing encoding applications, to deploy AVP in a wide range of roles, including DSNG, Contribution, PrimaryDistribution and delivery to the consumer. That offers potential cost savings in commissioning, integration, training and support, compared to a multi-vendor ‘mix and match’ approach.

The AVP 4000 System Encoder efficiently delivers high quality content while helping operators to satisfy consumer demand for greater content choice and accessibility on all devices. AVP 4000 System Encoders offers a future-proof modular architecture that permits on-site upgrades with no hassle or interruption.

The AVP 3000 Voyager is the latest incarnation of the market-leading Voyager satellite product for live news, sports and entertainment, delivering multi-codec, multi-format and multi-channel operations. Live events require products which are operationally flexible, easy to use, and robust enough to handle a demanding environment.

The AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder enables operators to make bandwidth savings without compromising on video quality. maintains service content integrity with the lowest possible latency when contributing across different networks.

End-to-end software solution with centralized configuration

MediaKind’s robust cloud-based video processing solution is bursting with a stunning range of capabilities. It is the single most advanced cloud-based and virtualized video processing solution in the industry, powering the very latest immersive TV experiences.

Delivering The Ultimate Quality Of Experience

Software Microservices-Based Architecture

Leveraging the power of the Cloud

Encoding Live

Processing Management

MediaKind Management Controller optimizes the underlying processing capabilities of all MK Video Processing applications, making it easy to implement even the most complex of workflows. The result is a significant reduction in operational complexity, with faster training, and less time spent with the application itself.​

MediaKind Management Controller

Streamlined Video Processing Management

Packed with a rich suite of management functions, the operator has everything they need to control and monitor the powerful suite of applications in the MediaKind Video Processing portfolio. MediaKind Management Controller is designed around managing media and TV services first and foremost.

Unified Interface

Less training required

Rapid & Flexible Service Deployment